New Website Setup

Feb 04, 2022
 — by 
Kris Kratz

Cloudways Server

  • Install Live Site & Create Staging site
  • Install Varnish, Redis, Memcached
  • Activate SSH
  • Add RSA keys to server for Master, Live, and Test Site
  • Upgrade to PHP8 and MariaDB 10.4 or MySQL 8
  • Activate Local Backups
  • Whitelist IP address of personal computer

Live Site add password until ready to launch

Login through SSH

$ htpasswd -c .htpasswd kris

Enter Password and add it to project notes

$ chmod 644 .htpasswd
$ PWD=`pwd`
$ echo -e "\n#Protect Directory\nAuthName \"Dialog prompt\"\nAuthType Basic\nAuthUserFile $PWD/.htpasswd\nRequire valid-user\n" >> .htaccess

Live Site Other Settings

  • HTTPS Redirection Force https://
  • php.ini – time_zone (America/Los_Angeles)

Staging Site

  • Disable Varnish
  • php.ini – show errors

Development Environment

  • Add Live and Test Servers to RClone
  • Create Volume Folders
  • Create Mount scripts
  • Verify they work
  • Create Working folders inside of Clients:
    • Client Name
      • Assets
      • Notes
      • Website


  • Create new empty project inside of Clients//
  • Add Git Version Control
  • Install .ignore plugin into PHPStorm if missing
  • Add .gitignore file with WordPress template, and save.
  • Add deployment settings to SFTP Test Server
    • Upload changed files automatically > On explicit save action
    • Delete remote files when local are deleted
    • Preserve original file permissions (SFTP only) > Yes
  • Tools > Deployment > Download From Server
  • Add PHP Framework
  • Make Initial Commit
  • Commit and Push to Github