A Robot Can Dream

Downloads are coming soon.

Content Composer


Advanced SEO optimization. Score your article’s topic coverage based on the key phrase you are targeting.

Simple content brief communicates article requirements to the author efficiently.

Article scores evolve over time to keep up with a changing internet.


Clean easy to configure accordion for the Gutenberg Editor in WordPress.

Compatible with WordPress 5.8 and up.



Add wishlists to your Woocommerce store in WordPress.

Works with simple and variable products.

Employee Info

Dynamic employee info box that works with a gallery of images.

Slide show of images on hover, and pops up a modal with the complete employee biography and image gallery.

Universal Fixed Backgrounds


They said it couldn’t be done:

Fixed backgrounds on desktop AND mobile.

Here it is at last.

Full screen background images, compatible with all major modern browsers. Yes, it works with Safari, FireFox, and Chrome on both iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.